Activities of the Trust

It is quiet indispensable for any organization to disseminate its multifarious activities  and RK Foundation keenly focus on the Academic and Co-curricular and supporting programmes especially targeted for the higher educational institutions which includes High Schools, Engineering, Arts & Science Colleges, Deemed to be Universities.The main activities of the Trust apart from serving the society, needy and poor includes the following curricular activities conducted as part of  Programmes in colleges and schools to develop the budding citizens of tomorrow to be a vibrant and energetic dutiful citizens.Our various programmes are Conferences, Soft skills, FDP, Publications, Campus Training, Seminars, Workshops, Communication, Research Guidance



We regularly conduct National and International Conferences on behalf of RK FOUNDATION and with the fullest support from Engineering, Arts & Science Colleges. All the conference proceedings are duly endorsed and published in our esteemed RK Publications with ISSN.


Soft skills

Mere education and learning alone cannot suffice the needs of the corporate to recruit the degree holders. The potential to communicate, leadership capabilities, body language, time management are indispensable in today’s world and RK FOUNDATION mainly focus and ensures to carry out Soft skills programmes as an integrated Programme by conducting frequently in Schools and Colleges to cater the dire need of the learners to win bread and butter after accomplishments of their education.


Faculty Development Programmes

A Faculty Development Programme (FDP) is intended to instruct and develop professionals in their chosen area of field of education so that they can act as resource persons in guiding and motivating learners to take up their chosen branch as a career in the same field of their study. Through each FDP, 15-20 faculty members of Science and Engineering colleges, Polytechnic Colleges are trained for the duration of week’s time.

The FDP offer contributions on progression and practice of verbal communication, inter-personal dexterity, Intra personal proficiency, Linguistic ability, originality, problem solving, achievement motivation training, participation on resource and knowledge industries. The preparation methodology includes group discussion, case studies, games and simulation implementations, and classroom lectures. Faculty Development Programme endeavors at outfitting teachers with skills and awareness that are indispensable for inculcating essential values in learners and guiding and observing their evolution towards their chosen career.  



RK FOUNDATION endows with an extensive range of eminence publications and standards through RK Publications that formulates and exchanges technical knowledge and in sequence which is feasible among technological experts. RK FOUNDATION encourages the promising learners and researchers to inscribe and deliver high quality research journals through RK Foundation. As a registered organization of State and Central Government, RK Foundation focuses to publish high quality journals and books.


Campus Training

The Campus Training Programme is to establish and provide students prospects to apply facts into practical work. Learners can make use of their unused time to gain work familiarity through the training we offer. Through the training period we assist the learners to get expertise in their chosen field of education. In addition, it also aspires at improving learner’s individual growth.  We grasp different events like team building, practical workshop training, Conferences etc. Through these, the learners can augment their communal circle and build up their team spirit. To recognize the trainees' hard slog for the year, we conduct Award Ceremony annually and the outstanding trainees will be endowed with RK Foundation Awards.

Objectives of our Training
  •     To endow with practical work experiences for learners while studying
  •     To persuade and promote local students to work part-time
  •     To guide the qualified learner and help them to grab job opportunities
The following are made accessible for Trainee of Campus Training Programme.
  •     Prospect to build up confidence, maturity & interpersonal skills
  •     Opportunity to have training and working experience in different private organizations
  •     Improve the competitiveness in the professional market upon graduation Training stipend


Seminars & Workshop

Seminars and Workshop offers the learners the opportunity to interrelate interact with apex industry leaders, knowledgeable business managers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and small-business owners. Our Workshops and seminars are designed to initiate learners to comprehend different characteristics of business and industry.

Our Workshop allows learners to further increase marketable technical expertise and business skills in an exhaustive environment. Topics are chosen through various inputs collected from industry, program administrators, Professors and learners. RK FOUNDATION conducts regular Workshops and Seminars in Colleges and Schools.



Communication is indispensable for learners. If the learners finds difficult to communicate with fluency then their workforce will be a big question mark. Only effective communicators are placed in leading companies and organization. Inroder to augment the learners with effective communication skills RK FOUNDATION embarks on the following strategies to improve communication.

  •     To apply a established procedure to remember names and facts
  •     To use of  experiences to communicate more self-confidently
  •     To convincingly communicate in a way so people are enthused to action
  •     To communicate evidently and quickly
  •     To make an all-win situation


Research Guidance

In the untiring work situations and personal exigencies the Guide of the research scholars may not be in a position to give 100% of their guidance to the researchers and RK FOUNDATION facilitates and help the researchers to write high quality research journals, publications and thesis by identifying the bottle necks and making the researcher to go in-depth of their learning. RK FOUNDATION indentifies the impediments of their learning and gives multifarious ideas and tools to overcome their issues in reaching their necessary goals.


Training Offered by RK FOUNDATION

Communication skill training, Aptitude training, Certification in soft skills, IT based training, Faculty development program, Life skill enhancement program, Executive training , Train the trainers program, Corporate training


Soft Skills

Soft skills, Goal setting, Time management, Body language, Positive thinking 



 Presentation skills, Stress management, Management skills, Anger management, Conflict management, Leadership 360 degree, 


Experts in Training & Placement Services

Campus recruitment training program, Aptitude, Group discussion, Extempore, Technical HR, Personal interview, Experts in: placement training, Aptitude tests, Soft skills, Language development,  NAC – tech preparation (NASCOM ),  Company specific training for companies like TCS, CTS, Wipro, INFOSYS, HCL, ACCENTURE, etc...)


Awards & Recognitions

RK Foundation Global Awards, RK Foundation Academic Awards, RK Foundation Teacher’s Day Awards, RK Foundation Women’s Day Awards


Life skill enhancement program

Effective communication, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Decision making, Stress management, Self awareness, Empathy, Problem solving, Interpersonal relationship, Coping with stress, Coping with emotion